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Sculpt your brows in a snap with our innovative ceramic tip tweezer. Why ceramic? It helps your tweezer last for the long-haul and won’t bend, rust, or corrode. Now you can easily tweeze eyebrow hairs, even the most fine, stubborn or short ones.
  • Finally, a durable slanted tweezer that you can count on year after year
  • The hand-finished ceramic tweezer tips are super durable—no bending or rusting here
  • Designed with a slant tip for easy tweezing, so you can pluck even the finest, shortest hairs
  • This slant tip ceramic tweezer is also crafted with a stainless steel base to reduce the potential for corrosion
  • Use this perfectly precise ceramic tweezer for all your brow-shaping needs!
  • We recommend tweezing your eyebrows in natural light, so you can see every stray hair
  • Pro tip: Tweezing after a shower will minimize any painful eyebrow hair removal
  • While shaping, go back and forth between brows to prevent over-tweezing on one side
  • Remember, eyebrows should be sisters, not twins!