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Hate your clogged pores? Make them disappear with our blemish removal tool that softly extracts blackheads and ready-to-go whiteheads without any added irritation. It fits comfortably in your hand and gives you the control to extract blackheads like a pro.
  • Pamper yourself with the perks of a facial at home. Our blemish remover tool helps to extract blackheads, surfaced whiteheads, and clogged pores for clean, beautiful skin
  • Listen to your mother, and stop picking with your fingers. Using a tool for extracting blackheads helps prevent incidental skin damage. The high-strength stainless steel loops on our tool makes it easy to extract blemishes without making things worse
  • We designed this blemish extractor with a soft-matte shaft to fit comfortably in your hand, so you have a better grip and safer removal
  • This tool is easy to clean, too. To prevent a subsequent breakout, the high-strength stainless steel loops should be sterilized with alcohol before and after use
  • Before using the tool, you’ll need to open your pores for safe and easy blemish extraction. Prep your freshly cleansed skin by holding a warm, damp towel over the area you’ll be treating for 5-10 minutes. Better yet, prep with a warm shower!
  • After steaming, disinfect your skin and the blemish remover tool with alcohol
  • To extract a spot, encircle the blemish with the end of the loop, applying light pressure and gently rocking the tool back and forth. Since you opened your pores with steam, the blemish should come out pretty seamlessly
  • If the blemish does not loosen, it may not be ready to be extracted. Whatever you do, don’t force it!