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Allow us to help keep your nails healthy with our hydrating cuticle oil that's rich in vitamin E and natural moisturizers.
  • The ultimate nourishing oil for nails absorbs in seconds with no greasy residue, so you can get a move on
  • Our blend of natural oils and vitamin E instantly moisturizes nails and cuticles so they look and feel softer instantly
  • Got splitting and peeling? A few swipes of our nail oil make it all less noticeable
  • Over time, our formula helps prevent brittleness and makes nails feel stronger
  • Brush the cuticle oil on your bare or polished nails, then gently rub it into nail beds and cuticles
  • Massage it in daily to help maintain healthy nails and cuticles
  • Reapply anytime you like! You can't overdo it
  • Do not apply immediately before painting your nails